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3D Computer Graphics and Visual Effects


Here are some of our static 3D graphic renders.

Click on the images to see the larger version. 

Yummy Stuff





Nestlé: Peanut Bar One

The Nestlé Bar One ejecting peanuts is used on the new wrappers product


Lara Croft (Musica)

Lara Croft was done for a Musica gaming advertisement campaign


Building 1

This building is part of an architectural visualisation series


Nestlé Bar One

Image of the Bar One prior to being edited onto the wrapper

Marion (Musica)

Mario was another character for the Musica gaming ad campaign


Building 2

Building 2 in an architectural visualisation series


Nestlé Peanut Bar One - detail

Peanut Bar One detail. It takes a lot of effort to make it "yummy" realistic


Metropolitan Life

A lady designed for an in-house campaign at Metropolitan Life



3D model of a microlight to test colour schemes prior to the real paint job


New Nestlé product

Model for another Nestlé product, this time with a toffee centre


Do you know this man?

Was he the good, or the bad, or the ugly one, with some dollars in his fist?


Microlight Real S

Real Microlight

Photo of the real microlight - with the final applied colour scheme


Steam Punk Gun S

Steam Punk Rifle

OK, so this isn't something yummy. Except when you really need it!



The genius who taught us that nothing travels faster than light. Now in 3D



Composition test done for a movie. 3D CG cannons comped onto a photo